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Best Elementor plugins for building websites

Here is a list of best Elementor plugins essential for any website you are building with, from blog to e-commerce. I recommend installing and activating them straight at the beginning after installing Elementor. You will most likely use them from the very first steps to make the development as smooth as possible.

Simple Custom CSS and JS

This is definitely one of the best Elementor plugins and is usually the first one to install. It will take your workflow in Elementor to another level. It is meant for those who are planning on using custom CSS, html or JS code. CSS code is enabling you to do some extra polishing on your design, as well as making the development process as efficient and flexible as possible. If you are not using custom CSS and you are building more than a simple one page website, there are huge advantages of this that will be covered in the next post.

Yoast SEO

For every website, good SEO is on top of the priorities list. With Internet becoming more and more overloaded with webpages, it is getting more difficult to find your website in this sea of content. Whether it is a food blog or your company’s page. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly set up the SEO and increase your visibility online. This plugin enables you to easily set up the keyphrases and page description. It even gives you advice on how to optimize your content and make it more reachable to the audience.

AnyWhere Elementor

Not really essential, but incredibly useful plugin that enables you to insert any page or section template on any existing page on your website using shortcodes. You can then change those sections or pages globally from a single source. After that it will automatically adjust it everywhere the shortcode has been placed.

Duplicate Page

A very useful Elementor plugin that easily creates duplicates of pages or posts with just one click. You don’t have to copy and paste between posts if you can just edit the content of the original one. Based on your settings, the plugin automatically assigns the copy appropriate Draft, Private or Published state.

Page Links To

With this plugin, you can now redirect the page to a new page by specifying a URL that the page leads to. You can use this either to link a new page to an old one and lead your audience, create shorter and better looking URLs or use it in more creative ways.

Advanced Custom Fields

If you want to gain complete control and flexibility over the customization of your posts or pages, this plugin is a real time saver. It allows you to add and define custom fields that will appear on your posts or pages while editing them from WP dashboard. You can now add fields for each post like note, source, author etc. and set conditions for different groups of preset fields depending on which category of posts or pages they should be applied to.

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