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Best online tools for designers to improve your workflow

A recommended list of websites with best online tools for designers. It’s really handy to bookmark these useful links whether you need to reduce your PDF file size or enhance a JPG image. With no installation on your computer necessary.

Small PDF

This is a life saver when you need a small PDF for quick upload or sending via email. You’ve done everything you possibly could to reduce the file size but you just can’t get that file size right. It’s much more than just reducing the size of your PDF. You can convert files to PDF, merge JPG or PDF files into a single PDF or vice versa and much more. All with a beautiful interface that couldn’t be simpler to use and with no login necessary. If you want to convert more documents without time limitations, you can upgrade your account to a paid version. Personally, what makes this website one of the best online tools for designers for me is the many options it offers.

Tiny PNG

A great tool for reducing size of your PNG. As a website designer, you should make sure every picture you use is optimized for web and that size is reduced to the maximum. That enables fast page loading and better user experience. This tool makes it easy without opening Photoshop and with minimal color loss in the image.

Let’s Enhance

I discovered this tool when I was working on preparing a catalog for an exhibition of 20th century art. The catalog was featuring images of the three artists whose works were presented on the exhibition. Unfortunately, one of the artists had only one portrait image available and since he lived in the 19th century, the photo was in a very poor quality. There was no other way to go than to use this tool that enabled to print it in a surprisingly good quality. If you need to enhance more photos, you can pay a few dollars and get a subscription.

Enhanced photo after using Let's Enhance online tool.
Enhanced photo
Original photo with very poor resolution.
Original photo

Cloud Convert

If you have a file that comes in a format you are not able to open, this is a great solution. You can choose from a bunch of formats to convert from and to, ranging from image, vector and video to font files. Imagine you have a file that’s not supported by any of the softwares you are using. And you just need to take a look at it. You can easily convert it to a PDF or JPG or some of the compatible formats. The tool supports over 200 file formats and no login is necessary.

What is my Screen Resolution

For web designers and anyone working with responsive design, this is a very useful website that simply shows you resolution of the screen you are visiting the webpage on. Depending on whether you are visiting this website on mobile, tablet or computer, it will display the width and height of the screen you are using. In a very straightforward way, just click on the link above and find out what is your screen resolution.

SVG wavy curves and shapes code for CSS

On this website, you can generate random curves and shapes in SVG (vector) format, grab the code and just paste it as html. In this way you can create cool separators and section dividers, header and footer elements and much more.


As a growing trend in 2020, this tool enables you to customize cool shadow effects on shapes and buttons. Just pick your desired profile, adjust the colors and blur, grab the code and paste it in the CSS. Apply it under the selector or class you want to set this style to. Boxes and containers, text boxes, buttons – you name it.

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