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Useful Chrome extensions for designers

Here is a list of the most useful and important Chrome extensions for designers. Whether you are a starting or experienced designer, they will greatly improve your effectivity and workflow.

What Font

First on the list of the most useful Chrome extensions for designers is WhatFont. It allows you to quickly see the fonts used on any website, together with other useful information. For example size, weight, color and line height. It is a must-have for designers if you want to analyze your favorite website or avoid the overly used fonts. Either as a print or digital designer, searching for the right font is something we all spend a lot of time on. This extension makes it a lot easier to create the collection of your favorite fonts to use in your projects.

Seeing the font information on websites with WhatFont useful Chrome extension for designers.


Similarly to What Font Chrome extension, CollorZilla enables you to see the useful information on colors used on any website. It shows hex and rgb color codes and even pixel size of the element that you are selecting! Just activate the extension and click on the element with the desired color. The tool will automatically copy the color code to clipboard. It comes with many other possibilities, so make sure to make best use of all the options this tool provides.

Obtaining color code information on websites with ColorZilla useful Chrome extension for designers.

Full Page Screen Capture

I discovered this useful extension when I wanted to show a website I made for a client in my portfolio. Due to iterations in design during the development phase, the final version was a bit different than the original design. However, I wanted to use the live version of the website that was available online. Simple PDF website export didn’t do the trick and there was always an issue with formatting of the content. With this Chrome extension, you can get a high quality preview of your website. With a single click and within seconds.

Enabling screenshots of websites with Full Page Screen Capture useful Chrome extension for designers.

I will be adding new useful Chrome extensions for designers so make sure to check in and follow the updates on the post!

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